Monday, August 23, 2010

The Final Chop

52 weeks. 52 sculptures for charity. Over.

"Revelations" is the final Motorcycle Sculpture in the Year of the Chopper Project. So far half of the pieces have sold, and we've raised over two thousand dollars that has been split between Home Fur-Ever and LifeBuilders Detroit. That means that once all 52 bikes have sold we will have surpassed our goal of $4k! You can purchase one of the remaining pieces in the Choppers for Charity section of my online Etsy store. Feel free to spread the word!

So here is Revelations. Admire it carefully....or suffer the fate of my buddy Joe:
Epic way to finish! A skull, engraved flames, and a flippin' COFFIN GAS TANK!!! Too much win!

*head explodes*
-click on the pics for larger sizes and more pictures-

The 52nd and last Year of the Chopper

The 52nd and last Year of the Chopper

The 52nd and last Year of the Chopper

The 52nd and last Year of the Chopper

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support over the last year, I truly appreciate it!

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