Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Bonny goes Boom" 1971 Triumph Bonneville

I was looking through the Jockey Journal last week and came across a thread about "raw" bikes, motorcycles left unpainted. There were a couple of cool Triumphs in there that caught my eye, so I built this sculpture.

It is currently available in my store's "Chopper" section.

Welded Metal Bike Sculpture 96 "Bonny goes Boom"

Welded Metal Bike Sculpture 96 "Bonny goes Boom"

Welded Metal Bike Sculpture 96 "Bonny goes Boom"

Welded Metal Bike Sculpture 96 "Bonny goes Boom"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Supercharged Hemi Model A Sedan

Model Hey! as I like to call it. It was inspired by this blown hemi A sedan "Mother's Worry", a '30 Ford owned by Jalopy Journal member blown32.

I used some scrap galvanized steel for the body. I ground off most of the coating, especially around the edges that were to be welded, and made sure I had good ventilation when tigging it. I think the different levels of grinding on the galvanized give it a cool look. The front radiator is a piece of stainless pipe cut at an angle. It was from a box of stainless pieces my wife's grandfather had given me, stuff that he used to make belt buckles from. The tank in the front is a piece of broken tooling.

Model Hey! is in my online store HERE!

Blown Model A Sedan

Blown Model A Sedan

Blown Model A Sedan

Blown Model A Sedan (21)

Model A Sedan, steering wheel, shifter, and bench seat

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"WILD WEST", We are in week #8 of the Year of the Chopper

This week's sculpture wasn't modeled after any specific motorcycle, but the shape was inspired by the stance of a couple of my favorite West Coast Chopper bikes.

Bid now, Bid high, Bid often!!!
All proceeds for 2 great non-profits!

Bike 95

Bike 95

Bike 95

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cornhash and Plato

Just a few shots of these guys that I put together yesterday.

Cornhash was made with a socket, some nuts and bolts and washers, and a piece of roller chain.

Cornhash the metal dog sculpture

Cornhash the metal dog sculpture

Plato is built from nuts, bolts, roller chain, and a steel ball out of a bearing.

Plato the metal dog sculpture

Plato the metal dog sculpture

They will both be in my Etsy store soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Choppers for Charity

We are now auctioning off the 7th Year of the Chopper sculpture. Out of the first 6, 4 of them sold. Rather than re-listing the non-selling bikes on Ebay, I have started a new section, "Choppers for Charity" in my online store. The bikes that make it here will be listed as I would normally list one of my sculptures, at a price more typical of what I would normally sell one for. All proceeds with STILL go to Lifebuilders and Home Fur-Ever!

Right now "Slipstream" and "Smoke" are listed in my store.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's raining cats and....ok, no cats, just dogs.

Today the fifth Year of the Chopper Bike sold, and later on tonight I will have the 6th bike up for bidding. Here is a sneak peak from my will be one of these:


I did some more metal mutts this week, including some cool boxers for Erika and her boyfriend David Lozeau, a west coast artist. Do yourself a favor and check out his work, it's really, really dope.

Here are their boxers, Papi and Guapo

Papi & Guapo, Boxers (11)

Papi & Guapo, Boxers (4)

And a few other pups:

Dyson (1)
Picasso and Jet
9/24 New Pups

Blaze and Jughead
9/24 New Pups