Monday, May 24, 2010

The Story Behind the 2011 Mustang GT Sculpture

It was pretty cool how this project came about. My buddy Joe was deployed in the Middle East last year. Joe's a cool dude...he's in a band, rides a Ducati, and carries a machine gun. He was also the first person to purchase one of my motorcycle sculptures, WAAAAY back in 2008. He owns bikes #5, #13, and bike #125 was modeled after his old bike. I did that for him when he returned to the states.

Another friend of ours, Shaun, is just an all around good guy. He also has a deep respect for those who have defended our country in the military. He's one of those people that makes sure to say thanks whenever he comes across a veteran or an active soldier. Here's a quote from Shaun:

When I found out that Joe was going to be deployed I started to stockpile car magazines (and a few playboys). When he got over there I asked him if he needed or wanted anything specific, and there were two things he wanted: Gel to reduced Razor bumps when shaving your head and dark choc Reese cups. So I got them both (the gel was a pain to find lol).

I ended up sending 35lbs of magazines and Reeses to Joe for him and his unit to share.

To Shaun, this was just the right thing to do. But to Joe it meant a lot, getting a bit of home sent to him when he was many thousands of miles away, and when he got back he wanted to show him his appreciation.

Shaun's a Ford guy through and through, and even before the new 5.0 powered 2011 Mustang GT became available he signed his name on the dotted line. Sometime between when Shaun ordered the car and the expected delivery date, Joe decided that the best way to thank Shaun was to commission me to build him a sculpture of the Mustang GT. I was obviously excited to do so!

Another mutual friend is Matt, and he's a photographer, so we arranged to meet Shaun to do a photo shoot of the Grabber Blue GT on Belle Isle in Detroit. We let Joe know, and he met us there with the sculpture to surprise Shaun. I'm pretty sure he dug it(thanks to Matt for these pics)!

Here are a couple of pics of the sculpture. You can check out more here:2011 Mustang GT Sculpture

2011 Mustang GT 5.0 metal sculpture

2011 Mustang GT 5.0 metal sculpture

And the photo shoot was pretty successful too.

Matt got some really spectacular captures. Check them out here!

And some more details Shaun gave me on the car itself(he's planning on driving the hell out of it!). Rumor has it that there may be more to come :secret:

2011 Mustang GT 5.0 Premium
Grabber Blue
6spd manual
Brembo brake pack
3.73 L/S Axle
HID headlights
Security package
Navigation/10gb hard drive
Upgraded interior

FRPP 1.5" drop springs
FRPP Adjustable dampers
Steeda adjustable front sway bar
Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plate
Steeda Bump steer kit
Reahagen Racing Brake ducts
Steeda adjustable panhard bar
Reahagen Racing Chrome Moly rear lower control arms
Motol RBF 600 Brake fluid
Roush 427R bumper custom painted, with splitter
Mustang GT/CS rear spoiler
Mustang RTR 19x9.5 wheels -Street
Goodyear Eagle F1-D3 275/40-19- Street
Roush Trak Pak forged wheel 18x10 - Track
Hoosier A6 275/35-18 -Track
It's prepped for NASA TT-A
(NASA= National Auto Sport Association)

I was stoked to be able to have a small part in this story. A huge thanks to Joe for thinking of me when he decided to repay Shaun for his good deed, and thanks to Matt for the pics!

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