Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The family Christmas gift post.

The last couple of years, rather than fight the crowds, I've made Christmas presents. This year was no exception, and after the rush of commissioned gifts this year, I set aside a couple of days last week to get my personal gifts done. Many thanks to my wife Darla for her help with ideas!

I come from a large family, so we draw names for gifts. This year I got my brother Seth's name. He's an extremely talented artist, and one of his recurring characters is a killer rabbit.

Check out this vid for an example of his work:

So I did this metal version of his rabbit. It's actually about 20" tall, and it has a hook on the back to hang on a wall.

One of Seth's immortal killer rabbits, fashioned from steel

My wife drew my younger brother Travis, so I made this Tattooed Metal old english D belt buckle for him:

Old English D tig welded belt buckle

For my mom and Darla's mom, Darla suggested some type of pendant, maybe a heart. So I came up with this simple design:

Stainless Heart pendants, made as gifts for my mom and mother-in-law

And then for my sister Amie and brother in law Kris, we came up with the idea of a "stick figure" family made from nuts and bolts...complete with Dakota the mutt!

3-D stick figure family

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