Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Ram R/T Sculpture Progress & Finish Shots

This is my truck:

Matt's shots (No antenna) 2009 Ram R/T

2009 Dodge Ram R/T Black Wheels, Lowered, Pics by Matt T.

It's a 2009 Ram R/T, one of the few built before Chrysler's bankruptcy. It's a nice compromise between the quick car that I wanted, and the utilitarian truck that I needed. I can haul my welding bottles and steel around when called upon, and it'll run mid 13s in the 1/4 mile. It's definitely a fun driver.

So I finally decided to do a sculpture of it. I took some liberties, but I'm happy with the result.

I started with the bed. The wheel wells are plasma cut with my Hypertherm Powermax30. Using the plasma is not something I'm as proficient at as I'd like to be, any advice is welcome:)

Working on a sculpture of my truck..

I put a little "wing" in the tonneau cover

Bed is tacked together..

Tailgate tacked in...

The cab is started with the "tinted window" in place

Tinted windows...

Farther along on the cab

Cab is coming together

I think I'll pick it up from here tomorrow.

Front fenders cut

Front fenders cut

The bed and the cab are two separate pieces, I just push them together for the pics. The hood is starting to take shape

The front is going to be a PAIN

Quick mock up

Hood bulge, smoothing out the edges

The Ram grill

Hood bulge, smoothing out the edges

Grill is on...

Front bumper, headlights

Front is shaping up

Rear bumper, tailgate

Working on the back of the Ram

The exhaust


The bed and the cab actually bolt together

Bolts together..

And the finished Ram R/T

(I torched the metal behind the grill for contrast)
2009 Ram R/T metal sculpture by Josh Welton

2009 Ram R/T metal sculpture by Josh Welton

2009 Ram R/T metal sculpture by Josh Welton

2009 Ram R/T metal sculpture by Josh Welton

2009 Ram R/T metal sculpture by Josh Welton


  1. What kind of TIG machine do you use for your sculpture ? I'm shopping Millers right now but haven't made up my mind of which one exactly to buy.

  2. Hey Kevin,

    I've got a Miller Dynasty 200DX, and I love it. It's pretty slick on aluminum and stainless, it's portable, and you can plug it in to pretty much any power source. I've got it wired for 220, and then made an adapter to run it off of 110 if need be.

  3. Thanks for the quick response. My budget is more Synchrowave 200 than the Dynasty. I know inverter machines are more efficient and certainly the future, but transformer machines are sooo much cheaper right now.

    I've been watching your work a long time from various welding and car forum boards. I actually built some little dogs similar to some you have built as Christmas gifts for the kids in my family. I respect your ideas and have no intention of copying anything to sell or claim as my own though.

  4. Right on man, I used a Synchrowave 350 a lot when I was at Chrysler, it was a good machine.

    If I was buying used, I'd pry trust a transformer more anyways. Not as much electronic stuff that could be screwed up. And when a used inverter machine pops up, the prices are still crazy because you don't see too man used inverters for sale yet.

    I think it's cool when different people take on a similar medium. I know a lot of artists do nuts and bolts sculptures, but I like to think that I have a unique style, and I'm sure you do too!