Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Supercharged Hemi Model A Sedan

Model Hey! as I like to call it. It was inspired by this blown hemi A sedan "Mother's Worry", a '30 Ford owned by Jalopy Journal member blown32.

I used some scrap galvanized steel for the body. I ground off most of the coating, especially around the edges that were to be welded, and made sure I had good ventilation when tigging it. I think the different levels of grinding on the galvanized give it a cool look. The front radiator is a piece of stainless pipe cut at an angle. It was from a box of stainless pieces my wife's grandfather had given me, stuff that he used to make belt buckles from. The tank in the front is a piece of broken tooling.

Model Hey! is in my online store HERE!

Blown Model A Sedan

Blown Model A Sedan

Blown Model A Sedan

Blown Model A Sedan (21)

Model A Sedan, steering wheel, shifter, and bench seat

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